WeGate snow edition

Is your ski resort running as fast as technology?
WeGate SNOW edition is an e-ticketing platform developed for ski resorts, that allows skiers to top up their ski passes in seconds from a PC, a smartphone or a tablet and to go straight to the ski slopes avoiding queue at the tills.

Key features

  • Pay Per Use

    Bind your credit card to your skipass. At the end of the day you will be charged depending on the use.

  • On-line top up (B2C)

    Top up your skipass on-line from PC, tablet or smartphone and go straight on the snow avoiding queues at the till.

  • Business to business

    Manage your business customers like hotels, ski clubs, groups, renting and other resellers.

  • OpenPass compatible

    WeGate is fully compatible with Open Pass standard that allows high integration between access technologies’ suppliers.

  • Performances

    Wegate shows your customers’ performances.

  • Open and closed date tickets

    Wegate manages open and closed date tickets.

  • Targeted promo (CRM)

    Easily manage targeted promos, marketing campaigns and customer profiling.

  • Queue lowering

    Optimise tills’ activities reducing sensibly queues delegating part of the purchase process to the customer.

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